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The Link Sister Circle then and now…

The start of a beautiful friendship.

The start of a beautiful friendship.

The Origin of The Link Sister Circle

I gave birth to my first daughter, Miyah in March of 1998. It seemed as though my pregnancy was contagious because many of my female friends became pregnant around the same time, including my biological sister.

Once the babies were born, we were each adjusting to motherhood while trying to stay connected and have some occasional adult conversation between feedings. I decided to have a get together at my house for all the new moms I knew to meet and have an infant play date. Sounds noisy doesn’t it? Well, it was! Some women knew each other; others would meet for the very first time. I was the common person that everyone knew and from knowing their personalities, I was certain that this group of women would connect. I did not know why I felt so strongly about doing this; I just knew that this was something that I really needed to make happen. I called everyone and organized a mommy lunch date at my house.

Babies R’ Us!

My gut feelings were right. They all sat around eating and passing babies back and forth talking as if they knew each other forever. It was fun and it felt good to share mommy stories and information. Each woman left requesting that I have another event but next time we would leave the babies at home! Watching the dynamics at the mommy luncheon, showed me that we really needed a girl’s night just to talk. I thought about all the women I knew that would love to connect with other women of like mind and like spirit. Getting them all together would be a blessed event and a great opportunity for them to network and build friendships.

My Mini Me- Miyah Papaya

My Mini Me- Miyah Papaya

Soul Food

In January of 2000, I held the 1st Annual Sister Celebration. It was a simple come as you are pot luck dinner at my house on a Saturday evening. I invited the new mommy crew and some other wonderful women I knew. After we ate dinner we sat in a circle to formally introduce ourselves. I led us in a group discussion. Each woman had to introduce themselves and answer two questions:

1. What lessons did I learn last year from the events that took place in my life?

2. What are my goals for this New Year?

    The responses turned out to be an amazing therapy session for everyone and it was FREE! What I thought would be a simple chat and chew, turned out to be an opportunity to do some emotional cleansing and healing just in time for a brand new year. I witnessed women who did not even know each other genuinely support, encourage and share openly with one another about their joy and pain. It was amazing and divine. Subsequently, it was the beginning of some lifelong friendships. We learned just from listening to each other’s testimonies that we are not alone. Regardless of race or religion, the same issues that make us feel like we are on an island are the same issues that other women are going through or have grown through. The trials and triumphant stories that we heard left us all feeling inspired and motivated to find the best in ourselves. We realized that evening that sisterhood is a bond that all women can share on this earthly journey. On that night, we created a link in our hearts. A circle of friends that provided a safe place for all to just be ourselves.

    The Sister Celebration- A Link Tradition

    Thus began the legacy of the Link Sister Circle. Since that year we get together every January religiously for our Annual Sister Celebration. It is our very first Link Tradition. Each year it gets better and more exciting. Iron sharpens iron and knowing that you have a praise report to deliver to your sister friends in January keeps you on your toes with your goals throughout the year. It is the push we all need in a positive direction. We are watching each other grow and evolve into the women we want to be. We encourage and support each other in our endeavors personally and professionally. One meeting a year was soon not enough so now we get together at least twice a year. We have passed the pot luck dinner stage, now we travel the world together. Dinner, dancing, Broadway plays, and spa getaway weekends are how we celebrate our time together these days.We are thankful to our spouses, partners and children who support us because they have seen firsthand the joy we carry when we come back from a fun filled weekend together. I encourage every woman to make the time to connect with other women who are headed in the same direction you are going. If you want to have a friend, be a friend. It’s worth the investment.

    As the founder of the Link Sister Circle, I have to say it is one of the things in my life I am the most proud of. I know firsthand that sisterhood is alive because it lives in The Link.