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The Best Hair Option for Women with Alopecia

Although I am known as the Bald Beauty Queen of Self-Esteem, don’t let the name fool you. I still LOVE hair just as much as the next girl. If there was a cure for Alopecia Universalis that would allow me to grow my hair back, I would wait on line all day and night to get a dose! Over the years I have grown comfortable in my skin BUT I will always miss the joy of simply running my fingers through my hair or the relaxation I experienced when having it shampooed.

For a woman living with alopecia, it is nerve racking to manage the uncertainty of daily hair loss. Trying to find a style to cover up areas where spots are missing or very thin, can be a morning nightmare. Nothing is worse than feeling so insecure that you think everyone is looking at your missing hair, instead of paying attention to what you are saying. Even as an extrovert, I remember that I began to shrink in public to avoid any unnecessary interactions with people during my beginning stages of alopecia.

Hair is an important accessory that expresses your personality but it is NOT your identity. Trying to camouflage hair loss with braids that cause excessive pulling, weaves that require glue, and relaxers or chemicals is only going to expedite the hair loss process. Rebuilding the overall health of your hair naturally is the only choice to achieve long term results.  In the interim, if the hair loss gets so severe that you cannot find a style that is becoming, the BEST HAIR OPTION to look your best and boost your confidence, is to wear a great wig.

Fortunately in this day and age, wigs are very common whether you have hair loss or a full head of hair. There are so many fun and affordable options available that you can express your personality with a new style every day of the week. I wore wigs for many years before I ever considered being a bald beauty queen. I still wear wigs occasionally to change up my look and in lieu of a hat on cold winter days.   

Finding a good quality wig that is affordable can be a painful and expensive process. After many years of searching, I have finally found a great resource to make custom wigs for my ultra petite sized head. Couture Lace Crowns is owned and operated by fellow Alopecian, Nicole Wright. Her hair loss journey began when she was 19 years old and it cultivated in her a passion to help other women navigate this experience by creating wigs with our unique needs in mind. She offers customizable options and many different styles to meet your needs. Check out this beautiful human hair, glueless  snapback unit I am wearing. Since I prefer to wear my hair short, I paid a visit to my favorite hairdresser/ makeup artist extraordinaire Theresa Edwards. She cut and styled it to fit my face and match my personality. With the addition of a little makeup to highlight my natural beauty, I had a fun hair makeover that almost felt like the good old days! :-) 

Check out the beautiful units from Couture Lace Crowns at:

If you live in the Triangle Area of NC and you are interested in having a makeup and/or hair make over, E-mail Theresa Edwards at

Sandra Dubose is the Bald Beauty Queen of Self-Esteem and former 2011 Mrs. Black North Carolina. Sandra is a nationally sought out inspirational speaker, liberation life coach, women’s health advocate and author of “My Crown and Glory, It’s NOT About the Hair.” Gleaning from her own life experiences, Sandra empowers women with the tools and strategies she has used to heal emotional wounds, build healthy self-esteem, and develop the courage to let their light shine from the inside-out. Learn more at 

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