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Alopecia Awareness Month


Song in my heart - CroppedIn honor of Alopecia Awareness Month, for the FIRST TIME EVER, I am publishing a picture of me with NO MAKE-UP (except lipstick of course). I can’t do anything without my lips on. One step at a time. lol.

Ladies, I want to encourage you to move past the shame of hair loss and into personal freedom. So many of us who are dealing with unwanted changes to our body image begin to shrink, living with embarrassment and insecurity. We look in the mirror and no longer recognize the woman staring back at us. She becomes a distant friend that we would rather not see until that glorious day when she changes back to the way she used to be. When living with alopecia areata, that reality is unpredictable. The hair may grow back but for some people, it can fall out again. That is the uncomfortable reality we face and everyone’s journey will be different. The truth that remains constant for all of us, is that we have to learn to love and accept ourselves, just as we are with or without hair. We cannot live the rest of our lives with low self-esteem. That will  directly compromises the quality of our entire life, and relationships. Don’t settle for that! We have to fight back by redefining the value we place on hair and appreciating our true self beyond the flaws.

I want you to know that I am no different than you. I wake up every morning for the past 13 years, look in my mirror and I have to accept the things I cannot change. I draw on my eyebrows, glue on my eyelashes and adorn my face with a smile, even when it hurts. I embrace my inner beauty queen because I did not choose to have alopecia but I did CHOOSE to not let it rob me of my self-esteem anymore!

You have that same option, and this month I want you to OWN your power and let me help you re-build your self-esteem. My Crown and Glory is a book that will guide you through the Six Fundamental Principles to Heal Emotional Wounds and Build Healthy Self-Esteem. I have created a resource to help you experience personal liberation, and I know it will change your life because it changed mine. Now is the sacred time to move forward and reconnect with the man/woman in your mirror. You are deserving of love and that begins and ends with you.

It is time to sing your heart song and celebrate the fact that you are a beautiful soul inside and out. You were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within you in spite of your challenges.

What is the best way to celebrate Alopecia Awareness month? By celebrating yourself just as you are, perfectly and wondrously made.

Wake up my sleeping beauty queens……the world awaits you. :-)

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  1. I love this picture of you. It is a very beautiful picture. But it also speaks about the depth of alopecia. This photo is also a statement about the courage it takes to face the world and life every single day with alopecia. I love your look. I love your style. You wear it well. Thank you for all you do for Alopecia Awareness and thanks for being a motivator.

  2. I admire your strength and courage to embrace your baldness. I think you are a very beautiful woman not only on the outside but the inside as well. I have the CCF, the scarring alopecia . I have lost mostly all the jair at the crown of my head. It was and still is very traumatic.I tried glue in weaves only being left with a itching burning scalp and another bald spot. I am wearing wigs when I go outside the house. I ultimately would like to go bald but Iam not comfotable yet but thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Thank you for sharing Regina. Be gentle with yourself. Allow your healing to come one perfect step at a time. When you are ready, you will know it. Stay connected and be blessed.

  4. Thanks for doing the same for me. You mirror that very same beauty back to me and I it inspires me to keep moving forward. Thanks for the love and support.

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