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My Crown and Glory Book Now Available on Amazon

“My Crown and Glory, It’s Not About the Hair.”

Six Fundamental Principles to Heal Emotional

Wounds and Build Healthy Self Esteem

By: Sandra Dubose

My Crown and Glory Synopsis:

“The first real gun I ever saw was the shotgun pointed at the head of my beloved high school sweetheart.”

From the first shaky moments of her escape from an abusive relationship and her crippling battle with low self-esteem, My Crown and Glory—It’s Not About the Hair, follows Sandra Dubose through her incredible journey from an emotionally scarred teenager to strong, self-assured “bald beauty queen.” Sandra shoots from the hip, and through her candid storytelling, she bravely opens her life and her heart to those struggling through life’s trials. These are the chronicles of her triumph over the challenges she faced after ITP autoimmune disease threatened her health and Alopecia Areata left her without hair. Her message rests squarely upon the power and grace of spiritual connection to forge new pathways to personal growth and transformation. Sandra’s story will resonate with anyone who has felt broken by life’s circumstances, and her outline for achieving healing, redemption and happiness offers others a guiding hand through the hardest moments of their own journeys.

The Six Fundamental Principles:

  1. Healing the Inner Child

  2. Owning Your Power

  3. Tapping the spirit within

  4. The Practice of Forgiveness

  5. Defining Success for Yourself

  6. Developing an Attitude of Gratitude

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Photography/ Graphic Design By: Chris Charles

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